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Riding with Us

Here are some transportation terms you may encounter while accessing public transportation.

  • Accessible Vehicles: Transit passenger vehicles that give access and seating to passengers with disabilities, including wheelchair users.
  • Dial-A-Ride/Demand Responsive: Non-fixed-route service utilizing vans or buses with passengers boarding and alighting at pre-arranged times at any location within the system's service area.
  • Fare: Amount of money that is required each time you board the bus to pay for one trip from one location to another. When using cash, exact change is required. You may also purchase tokens or monthly passes that can be used for unlimited rides on the system.
  • Fixed Route: Service provided on a repetitive, fixed-schedule basis along a specific route with vehicles stopping to pick up and deliver passengers to specific locations; each fixed-route trip serves the same origins and destinations, unlike demand responsive and taxicabs.
  • Flag Stop System: A passenger may board a bus at any safe place along a fixed route. When you see the bus you want, signal the driver by waving.
  • On Request: Locations with On Request service are notated on the bus schedule. Riders can direct their request to the bus operator or call ahead to arrange. There is no additional fee.
  • Route Deviation: A fixed-route transit service that will deviate 3/4 of a mile from it's normal route for prearranged pickups. There is an additional cost for the service. Route deviation must be pre-approved and is not available on express/commuter routes.
  • Travel Training: Individualized training that gives riders the skills to travel safely and independently on public transportation.

Benifits of Public Transportation

  • Saves Money
    Public Transportation is an affordable alternative to driving that can help individuals cut back on costs and reduce household expenses.
  • Stimulates Local Economy
    Well funded transportation systems can: Increase local customer base, increase business sales and local business centers, create and support jobs, and elevate real estate values
  • Improves Environmental Quality
    Decreasing numbers of automobiles on the road can: reduce gasoline consumption, reduce Greenhouse Gases and improve air quality
  • Contributes to Personal Health
    Public transportation enhances opportunities for: Personal mobility and freedom, a more active lifestyle, and access to health and social services.

Check out our Important Rider Information page, for even more great tips for riding with us!

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